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What (Training Topic)?

Full-day workshops on workflows using DataLad

Site-specific focus:

  • Berlin: Basic DataLad workflow focusing on data management (e.g., from data collection to paper manuscript)
  • Juelich: Less data management centric (there are regular data management courses held by Adina anyway), with elements from the data processing module and sneak-peaks into fMRIPrep, MRIQC, BIDS, and other open software tools

Who teaches (Names)?

  • Adina Wagner, Juelich Research Centre, INM-7, Psychoinformatics Lab, Juelich, Germany
  • Lennart Wittkuhn, Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB), Berlin, Germany

Who attends (Audience)?

  • Background: Neuroscience grad students to PIs whoever is interested) from home institutions + surrounding institutions (for Berlin, e.g., Berlin Universities; for Juelich, e.g. affiliated universities Aachen, Düsseldorf, Köln)
  • Numer of attendees: circa 15 to 30 per workshop

How does it happen (Expected Course Type)?

  • Full-day workshop (remotely or physically, depending on COVID-19 situation)

When does it happen (Target Course Delivery Dates)?

  • MPI Berlin: A full-day workshop is tentatively scheduled for fall, likely virtual
  • Juelich: A date for the Juelich Research Centre workshop is not yet settled.

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