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Goals of the workshop

  1. Teach a minimal example workflow to go from data collection to written paper using DataLad
  2. Show-case the core functions of DataLad for data maintenance
  3. ...

Goals to support Open Science beyond the workshop

Extend the DataLad Handbook

  • We could provide an additional use-case how to integrate DataLad into a reproducible scientific workflow

Extend the ReproNim/INCF teaching materials on FAIR data

  • We could provide additional examples in the ReproNim/INCF teaching materials how the DataLad workflow that we will be teaching in the workshop supports FAIR data principles.

Extend the ReproNim / DataLad YouTube channels with a new teaching video

  • In case, we are deciding to video-record the entire workshop this video could be uploaded to the DataLad / ReproNim YouTube channels (either or both)
  • In case of a remote workshop, we would need to verify that the video-conference software of our choice allows to record the session in such a way that it's useful and pleasant to watch afterwards