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Thanks for being curious about contributing! We greatly appreciate and welcome contributions, be it in the form of an issue, quick feedback on the course or its content, a pull request, or any other form of getting in touch.

Create an issue

Do you have a question, a feature request, found a mistake, or just want to say hi? Open up an issue on our GitHub repository!

Create a pull request

Did you not only found a mistake but also a fix for it? Fantastic! If you want to make a pull request against this repository, here's what we recommend you to do:

  • Create an issue on GitHub about the issue that your PR will fix.
  • Fork the GitHub repository.
  • Clone your fork.
  • In your clone, check out a new branch. Try to give the branch a meaningful name, for example the number of the issue you have created: git checkout -b fix-issue-8
  • Make your changes. This website is written in MarkDown - you can find a style guide here.
  • The website is build with mkdocs. If you want to preview your changes, build the website locally by installing the requirements in the root of the repository (pip install -r requirements.txt) and running mkdocs serve. The website will be build and served at
  • If your satisfied, add and commit your changes.
  • Afterwards, push them to your fork of the repository on GitHub. The command will likely look like this: git push origin <yourbranchname>
  • Finally, you will be able to open up a pull request online by clicking "create PR" in the web interface.

This was only a quick rundown of the steps towards a pull request. A more in depth explanation can be found in GitHub's docs, but you can always reach out to us via an issue and we will provide assistance.

Thanks for contributing!